Mormon History
1904 - 1990

Written, Compiled or Analyzed by Perry L. Porter

LDS Church History Jeopardy answers/questions.

Significance of Ancient, Geometric Symbols, or how some Mormons can go off the deep end as much as any other whacko religion.

Vicarius filii dei or 666 (56k) or how we how we taught American Halloween culture to teenage Italians

The start of a section on my Mormon Mission Journal, in 1975-76 for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This is not a lame proselytizing attempt or an unsolicited testimony, it is safe, non threatening, no pressure look at what a mission is sometimes like.

LDS Church History - D&C relics on display at the BYU Harold B. Lee Library back in Aug 1997.

Mormonism, 150th Anniversary, Church plans year-long commemoration (1979).

Other Sights of Interest

  • The LDS Adam-God Sources web site contains links to Testimony "Friendly", Testimony "Neutral" as well as Testimony "Hostile" sources reguarding Adam-God.
  • LDS Church History
    1830 - 1904

    Mormon History

    1904 - 1990

    Mormon History

    1990 - 2000

    Mormon Church History
    (1831 - 1904)
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