Here is a Jeopardy style priesthood lesson. The easiest way to avoid contention over what the "question" should be, is bad old fashioned authoritarianism (i.e. All decisions of the judge are final and the correct answer/question is the one I had in mind when I wrote the question, don't complicate things with the facts) Or you can choose to just throw out that question, because "unlike volleyball there are no overy's in Priesthood meeting". There is enough for more than one lesson, so pick out the categories that you like and save the rest for later..


100 This building had average to poor acoustics initially, the speakers would often complain of hearing their own words echoed back moments after saying them, until the balcony was added.

   Q: SLC Tabernacle

200 This official declaration 100 years ago Oct. conference 1990 marked the beginning of the end of the official sanction of plural marriage among the living.

   Q: The First Maniftesto

Daily-Double 300 The apostolic brother of this apostolic mathematicians has a famous autobiography, canyon, summit, mountain park and in a round about way a city named after him.

   Q: Parley P. Pratt (Parley's Park, became Park City)

400 This apostolic brother had he not been removed from the quorum of the 12 and later reinstate in a different order, could have become the president of the death of Joseph Smith. Then B.Y.U would have been O.P.U.

   Q: Orson Pratt

500 This "Son of Thunder" or "Avenging Angle" as he was sometimes known, actually had a much softer side, he cut off his long hair to have a wig made for the aging Elisa R. Snow in spite of Joseph Smiths promise of gods protection if he were to not cut his hair.

   Q: Orrin Porter Rockwell

Common Bonds

100 Coffee, Tea and Tobacco

   Q: 2 things not mentioned in the word or wisdome and one that is, but all assumed to be against the WoW

200 Pepsi, Sanka, Coca Cola

   Q: Things that are NOT against the Word of Wisdom

300 Oliver Cowdrey, David Whitmer, Martin Harris

   Q: Three Witnesses of the book of Mormon that said they say the plates with their spiritiual eyes.

400 John Whitmer, Hyrum Page, Samuel Smith,

   Q: 3 of the 8 witnesses that signed they witnessed the plates, but never touched them.

500 John C Freemont, Jim Bridger, J. W. Gunnison

   Q: People that entered Utah before the Mormons.

Presidential prominence

100 This president was well known for his activity support of the boy scouts of America, he also had a high pitched voice of a tenderfoot scout, he was tall and slender and wore a goatee and glasses.

   Q: George Albert Smith

200 This president was the first to fly world wide to visit the members of the church but he was better known for his great love for all people every where and his wavy white hair.

   Q: David O. McKay

300 This president has a large portrait hanging in the Utah capital, which had been altered to cover up a spittoon under the table, though he gave up this bad habit later in life, the portrait was more historically accurate for his territorial governing tenure.

   Q: Brigahm Young.

400 This president was either assistant church historian or church historian for 64 years, and was only released as he became president of the church, He should have been well familiar with church history since his father was also a president of the church and his great grandfather was Hyrum Smith.

   Q: Joseph Fielding Smith

500 This president as a youngster was a poor baseball player, had poor penmanship and couldn't carry a tone. He proved valid the saying of practice made perfect or at least with singing, practice makes better.

   Q: Heber J. Grant

Also Known As

100 Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

   Q: The correct answer is "The Mormons", yes the Mormons.

200 The new name for members of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (RLDS)

   Q: the "Community of Christ"

300 Daughters of Zion

   Q: Danites

400 Native Americans, Polynesians, Hawaiians

   Q: Lamanites

500 The shadow government of the territory of Deseret.

   Q: The Council of 50

Famous Families

100 This family is as well known to gentiles for being Mormon as they are for singing or having large front teeth.

   Q: Osmonds

200 This mans family, is said to be one of the largest in the church, It could have been even larger if he had died of old age, rather then from execution.

   Q: John D. Lee (at one time had the 4th largest family in the church)

300 52 kids is notable, but 26-27 wives gave him infamous among gentiles.

   Q: Brigham Young "At the time of his death on August 23, 1877, Young had married 56 women — 19 predeceased him, 10 divorced him, 23 survived him, and 4 are unaccounted for. Of the 23 who survived him, 17 received a share of his estate while the remaining 6 apparently had non conjugal roles. Source

400 These young lamanite bro's & sisters skied to rock music success, and are currently staging a comeback.

   Q:The Jets

500 This former Mormon family on occasion 10 years apart drew the attention of national media to Utah and the Mormon church, though their every move and utterance was in the press, it's still uncertain if they can carry a tune as their last names suggests.

   Q: John Singer (this is kind of dated trivia)

Unconfirmed Mormons

100 D.C. investigative reporter with a nose for news as big as his own.

   Q: Jack Anderson, once the nation's most feared investigative columnist-a man so threatening Source

200 The less heroic, less kissy family feud host.

   Q: Ray Combs, committed suicide January 9, 1998 Millions of people were stunned to learn that game show host Ray Combs, 40, had hanged himself in his hospital closet. He had been taken to the hospital for observation after trying to kill himself several times earlier. The host of "The New Family Feud" for six years, he had tried other TV ventures, but nothing was as popular as that game show. He had also been having some family feuds of his own - he was despondent about an impending divorce, and was at least $500,000 in debt.: Source

300 Rumors has it that he joined the church, Mr. Wilson was just glad that he joined the navy.

   Q: Jay North TV series Dennis the Menace.Finding himself forever typecast as "Dennis the Menace," North quit acting and joined the Navy in the 1970s.[2] North became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in April of 1978 while serving aboard a ship home-ported in Norfolk, VA. He later served as a prison security guard in Florida. Source

400 Three time Nation rodeo all-around champion from Salem Utah.

   Q: Louis Fields (Five times all around PRCA champion In Vegas that same 1985 National Finals Rodeo, roughstock sensation Lewis Field of Elk Ridge, Utah, handily won the world bareback riding title and his first of three world all-around championships. Source

500 He played a doctor on T.V., a clean cut doctor from mile valley California, while reluctantly serving his country in Korea

   Q: bj honeycutt M.A.S.H was not mormon but was in a KBYU film about home teachers, he is catholic.

(Thomas B. Marsh left the church virtually over spilt milk even though he was one of the original one of these.)

   Q: Twelve Apostles.

Final Jeopardy: This man helped open the Italian mission in 1850. He prophesied that the land would open up and blossom like a rose. But he is probably more famous for opening the windows of heaven.

   Q: Lorenzo Snow.

or Orrin Porter Rockwell, according to claims of Anti-Mormons, supposedly under the direction of Joseph Smith or Brigham Young, belonged to this group. whose purpose was to avenge the wrongs of the church and kill its enemies. Other Anti-Mormons have claimed that the council of Fifty was indeed this nefarious group. However no conclusive evidence links Mormon hierarchy to this secret oath making origination that was disbanded by Joseph smith and the leader Samson Avard in 1838 was excommunicated. The longer name is "Daughter of Zion". The shorter and more familiar name is our final jeopardy answer.

   Q:Lilburn W. Boggs assassination attempt some say by Orrin Porter Rockwell Source

Keep on tracking

100 The golden spike was driven here.

   Q: Promontory Point Source

200 One of two railroad companies that did the major work on the transcontinental railroad.

   Q: Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroad companies met, to form the Trans-Continental Railroad. Source

300 The Year the transcontinental railroad was completed.

   Q:the official "date of completion" of the Transcontinental Railroad as November 6, 1869.Source

400 This department store was organized in part to help stem the tide of gentile merchants and goods to be brought by the train. This "cooperative is still in existence today (1999).

   Q: Zions Cooperative Mercantile Institution Source

500 These brothers left the church and started a store. Brigham Young lamented that the sale of coffee, tea and tobacco drained the Mormon economy. These brothers later got rich enough from mining to start their own banks, which is now part of the first interstate banking system.

   Q:Walker Brother Bank Source

' Old Joe Smith'

100 Tall for his day, slender of stature, 'old Joe' walked with a limp, However this roman like feature, often de-emphasized in portraits, was his most prominent feature other than those mentioned.

   Q: His large roman nose.

200 At this event Joseph Smith's visage and voice was so clear that some witnesses wrote that it was "true to the whistle".

   Q: transfiguration of Brigham Young myth Source

300 This younger brother drove a wagon containing the bodies of Joseph and Hyrum from Carthage to Nauvoo and died himself less than a month later.

   Q: Samuel Harrison Smith. Source and Soruce

400 This group exhumed his body & moved it to a different location due to "erosion problems" others say to erode Mormon claims that he was resurrected.

   Q: RLDS Chruch Soruce

500 Daily Double (only one) The accusation of "Polygamy" continued in this publication and Joseph Smith's executive decision to destroy it on the basis of a public nuisance, possibly more than any previous action, enraged Anti-Mormon sentiment.

   Q: Nauvoo Expositor Source

Buildings in Zion

100 This building had average to poor acoustics initially, the speakers would often complain of hearing their own words echoed back moments after saying them, until the balcony was added.

   Q: Salt Lake Tabernacle Source

200 The 1st Mormon temple built west the of the Mississippi, but only by a mile.

   Q: St. George Utah Temple, the Nauvoo Temple was just one mile east of the Mississippi River Source

300 Much temple work was performed in this building before it was order to be taken down by Willford Woodruff in Sept. of 1890, even though it was not proporty of the LDS Church at that time.

   Q: Endowment House Source

400 This building was almost sold to the catholic church, but they held out to get it for free and didn't get it at all, a tornado was it's last occupant.

   Q: Selling the Nauvoo Temple “A Perfect Estopel" Source and Soruce

500 The main architect of the Salt Lake temple was not related to BYU professor Madson, President David McKay or Moroni.

   Q: Truman O. Angel became the architect for the Salt Lake Temple. William Weeks should be the architect for the new temple in Salt Lake City. But he left both Utah and the Church in 1848, taking the original plans of the Nauvoo Temple with him. Weeks’ assistant Truman O. Angel became the architect for the Salt Lake Temple Souce and Sourse


100 The Marriots are major alcohol distributor through their airline food servicing company. They would be poorer but wiser to only sale this beer of their own making to Northwestern airlines pilots.

   Q: Apple Beer (populare mostly in Utah. Source

200 Though never officially against the words of wisdom rumor had it that the church once owned stock in it, by way of a gift.

   Q: Coca Cola Source

300 This often consumed beverage among Mormons, though it contains some caffeine, can be had hot or cold & often accompanied with marshmallows.

   Q: caffeine hot chocolate Souce

400 Though it is too mild to knock you out, it is often served as an enticement to attend youth firesides when accompanied with cookies.

   Q: kool aid Source

500 A Grainy version of Mormon coffee foreign or domestic.

   Q: Postum Source

Final jeopardy category "Manifesto Destiny" This second Manifesto in 1904 is not to be confused with the political manifesto of 1895 or official declaration of 1978, it closed the carefully constructed loophole "to obey the law of the land" loophole by withdrawing church approved sanction of THIS , HERE.

   Q: plural marriage in the US "And I now publicly declare that my advice to the Latter-day Saints is to refrain from contracting any marriage forbidden by the law of the land." WILFORD WOODRUFF Source Second manifesto source

The Plains truth (of false)

100 33 years latter to the day Wilford Woodruff in a sermon recounted that after he pulled his carriage sideways and opened it facing west at the mouth of the canyon the ailing Brigham Young arose and was enwrapped in a vision of the future glory of Zion. When the vision passed Wilford remembers Brigham saying "it is enough. This is the right place. Drive on."


200 The Mormon trail followed the Oregon trail along the NORTH side of the Platte river until the Hastings cutoff due to the philosophy of safety in numbers from the Indians.


300 Samuel Brannon the leader of the Brooklyn sea trekking saints was unable to convince Brigham Young to continue on to California. Brannon stayed in San Francisco and died one of the richest businessmen in California from the gold rush of 1849.


400 A stretch of less than half a mile (50 rods) around Donner hill near present day Hogle Zoo was the only piece of original road build by the first pioneer group.

500 Orson Pratt and _____ Brown were in the advance party of the first Mormon pioneer wagon train and were the first to view the valley, while Orson Pratt and Erastus Snow shared a horse as they surveyed the valley floor on July 22 1847. Samuel Brannon coming from California eastward along the Oregon trail through fort Hall missing the Salt Lake valley and meeting Brigham Young at the green river.



100 William Clayton wrote about this canyon that the rattling of wagons resembles carpenters hammering at boards inside the highest rocks. The report of a rifle resembles a sharp crack of thunder...from rock to rock for sometime.


200 With the exception of the a few handcart companies the overland journey was in general described originally as a "pleasing excursion" rather than a trip through a "howling trackless desert"

(The Mormon role in the settlement of the west by Richard H Jackson page 20)


300 Video Daily Double. (Orson Pratt)


400 He was the president of the church for longest amount of time. (Brigham)


500 He was the president of the church for the 2nd longest amount of time. (Heber)


Who's Who

100 What infamous wagon train party spent weeks blazing new trails along Hastings cutoff towards the Salt Lake Valley. This work paved the way for the saints but also slowed them thus contributing to a late crossing of the fateful Sierra maintains. (near present day Truckee California)


200 This future prophet as a young boy crossed the plains with out shoes with his widowed mother. He later became the 2nd of a line of 3 generations of apostles.


300 Rumor has it that she miscarried Joseph Smith's child after being pushed down the stairs of the Nauvoo mansion during a fight with by Emma Smith.


400 In his latter years he got so heavy he had to be shipped in a freight wagon to talk at a meeting in Logan. The wagon broke a wheel. He couldn't lift him self out. It took 3 grown men using levers and pulleys to replace the wheel. But this weight problem did not stop him from raising a son who later became The president of the quorum of the 12 and his grandson by the same name became the most lanky president of the church.


500 He was the church historian 15 years, Assistant church historian 64 years before giving up the position to Leonard J Arrington to become the President of the church.


Who's Who's (who's What)

100 Of Wilford Woodruff, John Taylor, Lorenzo Snow or Brigham Young which had no apostolic offspring?


(skip Sidney G. Rigdon, Frederick G. Williams, William Law and John C. Bennett)


200 David W. Patten at the battle of Crooked River Missouri.


300 Hyrum Mack and Joseph F. William, Hyrum and Joseph Parley and Orson John W. and Brigham Jr.


400 Amasa M. Lyman Francis M. Lyman Richard R. Lyman

George A. Smith John Henry Smith George Albert Smith

Hyrum Smith Joseph F. Smith Joseph Fielding Smith


500 Thomas B. Marsh, William E. M'Lellin, Luke S. Johnson, William Smith, Orson Pratt, John F. Boynton, Lyman Wright, Amasa M. Lyman, Albert Carrington.


Not my Kid

100 Mathius Cowley - Matthew Cowley

*Ezra T. Benson - Ezra Taft Benson

Joseph F. Merrill - Merriner W. Merrill


200 George Q. Cannon - Abraham H. Cannon

Brigham Young - John W. Young

*Erastus Snow - Lorenzo Snow


300 *Alonzo A. Hinkley - Gordon B. Hinkley

John Taylor - John W. Taylor

George Q. Cannon - Sylvester Q. Cannon


400 Franklin D. Richards - George F. Richards

*George F. Richards Stephen L. Richards (LeGrand Richards)

Jedediah M. Grant - Heber J. Grant


500 Hyrum Smith - Joesph Fielding Smith

Wildord Woodruff - Abrham Owen Woodruff

*George A. Smith - George Albert Smith


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