Temples of the most High

Compiled by N. B. Lundwall

Significance of Ancient, Geometric Symbols

By Herman R. Bangerter

An ancient philosopher once remarked that, "When God conceived the world, he geometrized." In other words, lines, curves, and angles are necessary pre-requisites, before anything can be built. A study of this science is called geometry. Whenever man became conscious of a truth, he always represented or expressed this truth by some geometric design or symbol. Even though languages or customs change, the thought or principle is eternally expressed in the geometric design of the symbol. Some of the earliest symbols are to be found in the constellations of stars, as they travel in their majestic orbits through the heavens.

The Temple in Salt Lake City, contains many of these ancient symbols, both inside and out, which portray many fundamental principles when properly understood. On the west wall we find the designs of the Big Dipper, which unfailingly points out the North Star, and serves as a guide to the traveler across the unchartered wilderness. So likewise does this symbol on our Temple tell the initiate, that herein he will find an unfailing guide, as he or she travels the journey of life, which will safely guide us back to our Father's presence.

We also have the Sun Stones, the Moon Stones, and the Earth Stones, which bring to our minds the Three Degrees of Glory, and that herein will be found the keys of the various kingdoms. The three spires on the East and the three spires on the West have a dual meaning. The three in the East are symbolic of the Presidency of Melchizedek Priesthood, and being in the East are the source of light. The three spires on the West are not quite as tall as the ones on the East, and are symbolic of the Aaronic Priesthood. Again the spires in the East are symbolic of the organization of the Church on the Eastern Hemisphere, by our Lord and Master, and the ones on the West are symbolic of the organidation [organization] of the Church on the Western Hemisphere, which is under the jurisdiction and guidance of Jesus and His Apostles. The Angel on the Eastern spire brings to our understanding, that, "The Law Shall Go Forth From Zion, and the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem."

Let us briefly consider some of the simpler geometric designs which are used and learn their age-old meaning. The square, the equilateral triangles, and the circle are some of the oldest symbols in existence, and when their meaning is fully understood they reveal some of the profoundest principles of life. All symbols have a dual meaning - The exoteric, or material, is given to the curious, while the esoteric, or spiritual is only to be found by the sincere seeker after truth.

We will now draw these symbols, that you may better understand them:


You will notice that there are two triangles, one with the point downward, and the other with the point upward. These are combined in the symbol of the interlaced triangles, or the six - pointed star. The triangles when used separately gives each triangle a distinct and separate meaning. The one with the point upward, is called the symbol of manifestation on the material plane, and symbolizes mankind focusing their thoughts on God; the triangle with the point downward represents manifestation on the spiritual, or Divine plane, and symbolizes God's consciousness focalized on mankind. In the six-pointed star formed by the interlaced triangles we symbolize the blending, or uniting, of the physical and the spiritual.

The square represents building uprightly on a strong secure foundation. The circle, which is endless, is the universal symbol of eternal life. The square and the interlaced triangles are the only two equiangular and equilateral figures, the sum of whose exterior angles equals 360 degrees, or perfection, as symbolized by the circle. From these symbols, we learn that by building uprightly on a strong secure foundation, we unite the physical and the spiritual, and with them inseparably connected' as symbolized by the interlaced triangles, we have eternal life.

These symbols were often abbreviated: By taking an angle from the square we have an L, or the sign of the square; an angle from the interlaced triangles gives us a V, or the sign of the compass; and the merging of the physical and spiritual is symbolized by the X, which is often written , or the line. These three symbols when united, and in their esoteric sense, mean LIFE, LIGHT, and LOVE, the eternal principles by which "all things HAVE BEEN, ARE, or WILL BE CREATED."

If we write them out we have the Latin word "LVX" which means light. If they are arranged in the form of the spiritual triangle with the point downward, we have the symbol of spiritual light, which is pure intelligence. If an individual is worthy of wearing this symbol on his breastplate, and continues faithfully in the service of the Master, he will receive the SPIRITUAL LIGHT, which will enable him or her to unite the physical and spiritual, and through the process of Divine Alchemy, change the mortal corruptible body into a Celestial Eternal Body and thereby have eternal life.

Whenever an individual consecrates his life to the service of God and to his fellowmen, he brings the points of the triangles together thus; which is preparatory to uniting them in the interlaced triangles, as they continue onward through a life of faithful service.


If we take the signs L-V-X, and read them as Roman numerals we have 50-5-10, which would be our equivalent to light. A study of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, which the Egyptians referred to as Light, or the Temple of Light, we find that it is built in courses of masonry which are arranged in courses of five and ten. In fact the word Pyramid comes from these two words, PYR, 5, and MET, 10. It is at the fiftieth course that the initiate, or mankind receives the light. Once again we read the true symbology of the Pyramid, L-V-X, in the Roman numerals, or in Latin, meaning Light, or a Temple of Light, or learning, or initiation into the mysteries of Godliness. It may be that in the Temple of LVXOR that many of these truths were taught for it is claimed by many that Solomon studied in Egypt, before returning to Palestine and building the Great Temple at Jerusalem. While very little is known at the present time as to what formed the basis of the teachings in Egypt, we do know that the principles of LIFE, LIGHT, and LOVE formed the basis of the teachings of the Temples in the Holy Land, and also is the basis of the teaching in modern Temples. 

Whenever individuals are initiated into the mysteries of Godliness they then strive to bring into their beings that principle of balance which is symbolized by the lesser Seal of Solomon, in the five-pointed star. After meditation and instruction, they become adepts, and finally after mastering the Mysteries of the Kingdom, they become true priests, or priestresses [priestesses] after the Order of Melchizedek, as Masters of Spiritual Laws, by which they advance to the six-pointed star, or the Great Seal of Solomon, wherein the physical and spiritual become inseparably connected, in the Celestial Kingdom of Eternal Life.


Temples of the most High

Compiled by N. B. Lundwall

Being a Compilation of:

The Dedicatory Prayers of Temples Erected in the Present Dispensation

Their Historical and Physical Description

Faith-Promoting Incidents and Manifestations of Divine Acceptance

Sermons and Historical Data Pertaining to Temples which are yet to be Erected

Information Pertaining to Records and Historical Places that are held Sacred by Latter-day Saints: the Efficacy and Sacredness of Temple Ordinances

Discourses by the Prophet Joseph. Brigham Young, Orson Pratt. Parley P. Pratt. John Taylor. Wilford Woodruff and others. on the Eternity of Intelligence and the Immortality of the Soul

Concordance and References pertaining to Temples. Temple Work and Kindred Historical Subjects

SEVENTH EDITION, 1949 (ENLARGED ) Bookcraft Salt Lake City

(Salt Lake City, Utah, January 15, 1940.)

ex·o·ter·ic  adj. 1. Not confined to an inner circle of disciples or initiates. 2. Comprehensible to or suited to the public; popular. 3. Of or relating to the outside; external. [Latin ex0tericus external from Greek ex0terikos from ex0ter0,comparative of ex0 outside from ex out;  Important derivatives are: ex- exotic external extra- strange extreme Out.

es·o·ter·ic  adj. 1. a. Intended for or understood by only a particular group: an esoteric cult. See note at mysterious . b. Of or relating to that which is known by a restricted number of people. 2. a. Confined to a small group: esoteric interests. b. Not publicly disclosed; confidential. [Greek es½terikos from es½ter½,comparative of es½within; See en  in Indo-European Roots.] Important derivatives are: in 1 inner en- 1 intro- enter intimate 2 industry episode and In.  from Old English  innera , farther in, inner, from Germanic  (comparative)

[The following is an example of how another religion views the significance of numbers and geometry as it relates to religion.  I take as much credence in the speculations of the above, as I do the speculations below.]


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