Mormon History
1990 - 2000

Written, Compiled or Analyzed by Perry L. Porter

Social issues & Current  Mormon Church History Issues

Aborted Attempt at Disavowing Previous Bigotry.  June 6th 1998, marks the 20th anniversary of the lifting of the ban on Blacks from holding the Priesthood in the Mormon Church (OD2 , Official Declaration 2).  Apparently church leaders very much want to maintain the perception, that all changes to Mormonism, even the most obvious, come from the very top down.  They would rather be seen as being bigoted, than admit that someone, anyone, on any level of Mormonism, came up with an idea first.

Social commentary on inactivity within Mormonism, in the form of notes from my Uncle Bill's Funeral.

LDS History Sunday School meeting manual paints polygamist  Brigham Young as monogamist.  An article from the Idaho State Journal, in Pocatello.  Plus the original unaltered quotes and commentary about the churches attempt to white-wash this aspect of LDS History.

The LDS Church produced film Legacy script historical references, a beginning point in analyzing if it truly is a compilation of multiple Mormon Women's diaries, and how historically faithful it is to Mormon Women at that time period, women such as Mary Elizabeth Rollins.

Unsolicited e-mail Evangelism.  A set of questions showed up in my e-mail box.  So I gave a shot at answering them.  Not a my typical, serious attempt at answering, as I provide no references, but I feel that the questions are not directed at finding religious truth, but a back door method at promoting their religion and simplistic thinking.

Free the Birdies - Deconstructed.  The story about a young boy that has what his parents consider a Near Death Experience, has been circulating the internet and sanitized versions given over the pulpit. Here are some reason that it is more of a "Theological Twenkie", then a gospel nugget.

The LDS Adam-God Sources web site contains links to Testimony "Friendly" [which falls in the time period of 1990-2000], Testimony "Neutral" as well as Testimony "Hostile" sources regarding Adam-God.
Gov. Mike Leavitt, carrying out his sworn duty to uphold the Utah Constitution is becoming a public relations hot potato, when it comes to prosecuting fundamentalist polygamy.

Fundamentalist Polygamist leader Owen Allred of Draper, seeking to distance his fundamentalist group's practices from the well publicized alleged abuses of certain other polygamous clans in Utah,  sent this letter, to Gov. Mike Leavitt and Attorney General Jan Graham.

Kingston Inc.: Polygamy's Entrepreneurial Empire, A Company, a Clan, a Corp. with a Plan.  From the Salt Lake Observer August 14, 1 998.  With commentary and analysis on fundamentalist polygamists is provided.

Brigham Young University made international news by banning four works of renowned French artist Francois Auguste Rene Rodin

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Mormon History

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