Adam God

Section 5

Quotations Dealing with the Relationship of Our

First Earthy Parents

to Our Heavenly Parents


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201. Messages of the First Presidency, Vol 4:199-206; James R. Clark. See also Improvement Era, 13:75-81; November, 1909.

* * *

Adam, our progenitor, "the first man," was, like Christ, a pre-existent spirit, and like Christ he took upon him an appropriate body, the body of a man, and so became a "living soul." The doctrine of the pre-existence,-- revealed so plainly, particularly in latter days, pours a wonderful flood of light upon the otherwise mysterious problem of man's origin. It shows that man, as a spirit, was begotten and born of heavenly parents, and reared to maturity in the eternal mansions of the Father, prior to coming upon the earth in a temporal body to undergo an experience in mortality. It teaches that all men existed in the spirit before any man existed in the flesh, and that all who have inhabited the earth since Adam have taken bodies and become souls in like manner.

It is held by some that Adam was not the first man upon this earth, and that the original human being was a development from lower orders of the animal creation. These, however, are the theories of men. The word of the Lord declares that Adam was "the first man of all men" (Moses 1:34), and we are therefore in duty bound to regard him as the primal parent of our race. It was shown to the brother of Jared that all men were created in the beginning after the image of God; and whether we take this to mean the spirit or the body, or both, it commits us to the same conclusion: Man began life as a human being, in the likeness of our heavenly Father.

* * *

Man, by searching, cannot find out God. Never, unaided, will he discover the truth about the beginning of human life. The Lord must reveal Himself, or remain unrevealed; and the same is true of the facts relating to the origin of Adam's race--God alone can reveal them. Some of these facts, however, are already known, and what has been made known it is our duty to receive and retain.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, basing its belief on divine revelation, ancient and modern, proclaims man to be the direct and lineal offspring of Deity. God Himself is an exalted man, perfected, enthroned, and supreme. * * *

Man is the child of God, formed in the divine image and endowed with divine attributes, and even as the infant son of an earthly father and mother is capable in due time of becoming a man, so the undeveloped offspring of celestial parentage is capable, by experience through ages and aeons (sp. eons), of evolving into a God.


First Presidency of the Church of  Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

202. Improvement Era, Vol. 14:548-49; "Editor's Table: Theory and Divine Revelation"; 1910.

Our young people are diligent students. They reach out after truth and knowledge with commendable zeal, and in so doing they must necessarily adopt for temporary use many theories of men. As long, however, as they recognize them as scaffolding useful for research purposes, there can be no special harm in them. It is when these theories are settled upon as basic truth that trouble appears, and the searcher then stands in grave danger of being led hopelessly from the right way.

Recently there was some trouble of this kind in one of the leading Church schools--the training college of the Brigham Young University--where three of the professors advanced certain theories on evolution as applied to the origin of man, and certain opinions on "higher criticism," as conclusive and demonstrated truths. This was done although it is well known that evolution and the "higher criticism"--though perhaps containing many truths--are in conflict on some matters with the scriptures, including some modern revelation.

An investigation was instituted, founded on the charges of Superintendent H. H. Cummings of the Church schools, based on complaints from patrons of the school; and the General Church Board of Education appointed a committee to ascertain to what extent the teaching of unorthodox doctrines in the school by these instructors was based upon fact. The personnel of the committee was: Francis M. Lyman, Heber J. Grant, Hyrum M. Smith, Charles W. Penrose, George F. Richards, Anthony W. Ivins, Horace H. Cummings, and Dr. George H. Brimhall.

The committee met with Professors Henry Peterson, Joseph Peterson and Ralph V. Chamberlain--all three eminent scholars, able instructors, and men of excellent character--and the investigation was held. The meeting and examination were characterized by the utmost cordiality and freedom on both sides. The professors frankly admitted that they held to and taught the theories of evolution as at present set forth in the text books, and also theories relating to the Bible known as "higher criticism," which they appeared to view as conclusive and demonstrated; so that when these ideas and enunciations were in conflict with the scripture, ancient and modern, it required the modification of the latter to come into harmony with the former, carrying the impression that all revelation combines a human element with the divine impression and should be subject to such modification.

The Church, on the contrary, holds to the definite authority of divine revelation which must be the standard; and that, as so-called "science" has changed from age to age in its deductions, and as divine revelation is truth, and must abide forever, views as to the lesser should conform to the positive statements of the greater; and, further, that in institutions founded by the Church for the teaching of theology, as well as other branches of education, its instructors must be in harmony in their teachings with its principles and doctrines.

There was no inclination to interfere with the freedom of thought and expression of the opinion of the professors, but the committee, after carefully weighing the matter, concluded that as teachers in a Church school they could not be given opportunity to inculcate theories that were out of harmony with the recognized doctrines of the Church, and hence that they be required to refrain from so doing.

The committee so reported to the trustees of the Brigham Young University. This body later held a meeting at which they unanimously resolved, "that no doctrine should be taught in the Brigham Young University not in harmony with the revealed word of God as interpreted and construed by the Presidency and Apostles of the Church; and that the power and authority of determining whether any professor or other instructor of the institution is out of harmony with the doctrines and attitude of the Church, be delegated to the presidency of the university."

203. Divine Mission of the Savior; Course of Study for the Quorum of the Priesthood; Priests; Salt Lake City; 1910.

[Marginal Note: GOD IS A UNION OF TWO--MALE AND FEMALE. See Moses 2:27; Gen 1: 26-27. (Man in an eternal progression--first the intelligences were organized into a spirit--then the spirit and body organized into a living soul-- then a female soul and male soul into a GOD.)]

LESSON THIRTEEN. SUBJECT: Creation of the World.

III. When the time of the spiritual life of the heavens and earth was ended, then the temporal, or natural, or the present time began. Jesus Christ, under the direction of the Father, and in connection with other personages, (described in the scriptures as "the Gods"), began the work of preparing the earth for the abode of man. Animal and vegetable life in great variety was placed upon the earth, and a veritable Eden soon appeared here and there.


I. Man has descended from God; in fact, he is of the same race as the Gods. His descent has not been from a lower form of life, but from the Highest Form of Life; in other words, man is, in the most literal sense, a child of God. This is not only true of the spirit of man, but of his body also. There never was a time, probably, in all the eternities of the past, when there was not men or children of God. This world is only one of many worlds which have been created by the Father through His Only Begotten. Adam, then, was probably not the first mortal man in the universe, but he was likely the first for this earth.

LESSON FIFTEEN. SUBJECT: The Creation of Adam and Eve.

I. . . . The word "creation" is used in the heading; what is meant by this term, is the process by which our first parents obtained their bodies of flesh and bones. We must look upon Adam, not as a weak mortal man altogether, but as a noble and leading spirit in the heaven. He is Michael who fought with Lucifer, and helped cast the Devil out of heaven. But when Adam's spiritual body took up its abode in a tabernacle of flesh and bones, his recollection of the past was taken from him and he became helpless, until he learned by experience, like all spirits born on this earth learn and get knowledge.

II. One of the important points about this topic is to learn, if possible, how Adam obtained his body of flesh and bones. There would seem to be but one natural and reasonable explanation, and that is, that Adam obtained his body in the same way Christ obtained his--and just as all men obtain theirs-- namely, by being born of woman.

"The Father has a body of flesh and bones as tangible as man's; the Son also." (D&C 130:22). Then what is more natural than to conclude that the offspring of such Beings would have bodies of flesh and bones? Like begets like. Note 2.

III. That Jesus Christ was one of the Gods that took part in the creation of man (Adam) is evident from the following passage in the Doctrine and Covenants, (Sec. 29:34), thus carrying forward the great mission given Him of the Father: "Wherefore, verily I say unto you, that all things unto me are spiritual, and not at any time have I given unto you a law which was temporal; neither any man, nor the children; neither Adam your father, whom I created." Note 1 and 2.

Note 1. 2 Ne 2:22,23.

Note 2. From a discourse preached by President Brigham Young, the following is taken: "they (the Gods) came here and organized the raw material, and arranged in their order the herbs of the field, the trees also. The seed was brought from another sphere and planted in this earth. The thistle, the thorn, the briar, and the obnoxious weed did not appear until after the earth was cursed."--JD Vol 1:50.

Parley P. Pratt's Key to Theology: "A Royal planter now descends from yonder world of older date, and bearing in his hand the choice seeds of the older Paradise, he plants them in the virgin soil of a new-born earth. They grow and flourish there, and bearing seed replant themselves, and thus clothe the naked earth with scenes of beauty, and fill the air with fragrant incense. Ripening fruits and herbs at length abound. When lo! from yonder world is transferred every species of animal life: Male and female they come, with blessings on their heads; and a voice is heard again, 'Be fruitful and multiply.' Earth--its mineral, vegetable and animal wealth--its Paradise prepared, down comes from yonder world on high, a son of God, with his beloved spouse. And thus a colony from heaven it may be from the sun, is transplanted to our soil. The blessings of their Father are upon them, and the first great law of heaven and earth is again repeated, 'Be fruitful and multiply.'"

204. Journal of Thomas A. Clawson, 1912-1917 Book, pp. 69-70; April 8, 1912.

At Special Priesthood meeting at which the official statement of the First Presidency regarding the teachings of Adam-God is presented, Prest. Jos. F. Smith then said that he was in full accord with what Prest Penrose had said and that Prest. Brigham Young when he delivered that sermon only expressed his own views and that they were not corroborated by the word of the Lord in the Standard works of the Church. The Bible, Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price and Doctrine and Covenants were voted upon by the Church convened in a Conference and organized in various Quorums of the Priesthood who voted by Quorums after which the body of the Church were asked to vote to sustain the above books as the Standards of the Church. This first vote was taken by the Church when they were in the East. It was again taken in the same manner here in Salt Lake in the year _________.

Now all doctrine if it can't be established by these standards is not to be taught or promulgated by members. That those Patriarchs who persisted in teaching these things and did not stop when told to do so should be handled by their Bishops and their names sent up to the High Councils for further action and be cut off. He also spoke upon the doctrine contained in King Follett's funeral when persons who reported this discourse gave forth the idea that children (p. 70) who died would be resurrected as little children never growing any more but remaining as when they were laid down. In this he said that the Prophet did not teach such doctrine but he had the affidavits of three or more witnesses who heard him say: "The mothers would take up their little ones as they were laid down and that they would have the joy of seeing them grow to the full stature of their spirits."

205. Deseret Evening News, December 27, 1919, Section 3, p. 7; Remarks by Pres. Joseph F. Smith; Maricopa Stake Conference; December 7, 1913; See also Deseret News, Church section; September 19, 1936, p. 2, 8).

I know that my Redeemer liveth; I know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God; I know that God is a being with body, parts, and passions and that his Son is in his own likeness, and that man is created in the image of God. The Son, Jesus Christ, grew and developed into manhood the same as you or I, as likewise did God, his father grow and develop to the Supreme Being that he now is. Man was born of woman; Christ the Savior, was born of woman; and God, the Father, was born of woman. Adam, our earthly parent, was also born of woman into this world, the same as Jesus and you and I.

206.   I now come to the main topic in this discussion: From whence came man? What is his destiny? It is to me exceedingly strange that men will travel so far, following a will-o-the-wisp until they are overcome in the quagmire, and reject the truth at their door. For an answer to these questions, why not accept the statement of the One who knows? This knowledge is within the reach of all. * * *

I accept the word of the Lord to his prophets, for I know it is true. In the first chapter of Genesis, verse 27, this great revelation is found: "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them." This being true, man being the offspring of God, he was not placed on the earth as a "cave man;" a savage devoid of intelligence and resembling more the ape than man. Adam, the first man on the earth, was an intelligent being, so filled with vitality after the fall, and perfect in form, that he lived upon the earth nearly one thousand years. Then in the last verse of this chapter we learn that, "God saw everything that he made and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day." * * *

Again, if you believe in modern revelation, if you accept the teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, then you must believe that man is the offspring of God, and if so he was not evolved from a tadpole, or from the scum of the sea. * * *

I tell you life did not commence upon this earth spontaneously. Its origin was not here. Life existed long before our solar system was called into being. The fact is, there never was a time when man--made in the image of God, male and female--did not exist. * * *

Thus the Lord has given us the information regarding his creations, and how he has made many earths, for there never was a beginning, never was a time when man did not exist somewhere in the universe, and when the time came for this earth to be peopled the Lord, our God, transplanted upon it from some other earth, the life which is found here. Man he created in his own image. If it were our privilege to go out and visit some of the other creations, other worlds in space, we should discover that they are peopled with beings who look like us, for they, too, are the offspring of God, and of the same race from whence we came. Perhaps they would be more exalted, but, nevertheless, they would be in the image of God, and so are we. Adam was not a "cave man," but perhaps the most nearly perfect man in form and feature to our Father and Creator. Such is the testimony of Joseph Smith.

* * *

It was not until man forsook the divine guidance which the Lord was always willing to extend to him, that retrogression set in. The "cave-man" and the savage are products of transgression and sin; for, in the beginning man was intelligent, and directed by light and truth, even by the Savior, Jesus Christ, who is the Mediator between man and God. The destiny of man is to become, through stages of progression, like unto his Father; and after the resurrection from the dead, he shall be added upon, as the scriptures say, until he shall receive all things "which the father hath," and shall be counted as a son and joint heir with Jesus Christ, the first-fruits of the resurrection and the Savior of the world. This, then, is true evolution, which all Latter-day Saints believe. There is something inspiring, ennobling and grand in this view of things. . . .

Improvement Era, Vol 23:389-393; Joseph Fielding Smith; "The Origin and Destiny of Man"; 1919; Doctrines of Salvation, Vol 1:139-140.

207. Gospel Doctrine, p. 64; President Joseph F. Smith; 1919.

We must go through the same ordeal in order to attain to the glory and exaltation which God designed we should enjoy with him in the eternal worlds. In other words, we must become like him; peradventure to sit upon thrones, to have dominion, power, and eternal increase. God designed this in the beginning. We are the children of God. He is an eternal being, without beginning of days or end of years. He always was, he is, he always will be. We are precisely in the same condition and under the same circumstances that God our heavenly Father was when he was passing through this, or a similar ordeal. We are destined to come forth out of the grave as Jesus did, and to obtain immortal bodies as he did--that is, that our tabernacles are to become immortal as his became immortal, that the spirit and the body may be joined together and become one living being, indivisible, inseparable, eternal. This is the object of our existence in the world.

208. Brigham Young University, Seminary Lectures; Lecture X; John M. Whitaker; Church Archives d. 1740/f. 3; June 24, 1921.

June 24, 1921

. . . I am going to assume responsibility for making this statement, that man came here, was placed here as an immortal, glorified, resurrected being. I want to make myself clear, because these lectures are going to the brethren, and if they want to correct them they can. . . . I believe it was the fruit that changed and modified Adam's resurrected body, and again made it subject to death. Is that clear? At least, I want you to get my idea. . . and may I say the Church does not teach this as doctrine. Many of the authorities do. Others teach that a body was prepared in some way for Adam and Eve.

[Apostle Melvin J. Ballard the same day, in lecture XI, said: "What Brother Whitaker has said I agree with, with reference to his fall and man's coming here." Also, "Adam had two ways of regaining his lost immortality. One was by partaking of the fruit of the tree of life, and so recovering 'from the mortal condition apparently.' The other is through the atonement of Jesus Christ."]

209. Deseret News; B. H. Roberts; July 23, 1921.

As a matter of fact, the "Mormon" church does not teach that doctrine. A few men in the "Mormon" Church have held such views; and several of them quite prominent in the Councils of the Church. . . . Brigham Young and others may have taught that doctrine.

210. The Three Degrees of Glory; Melvin J. Ballard; (Deseret Book Co.: Salt Lake City, Utah); pp. 10-11; Discourse given in the Ogden Tabernacle; September 22, 1922.

What do we mean by endless or eternal increase? We mean that through the righteousness and faithfulness of men and women who keep the commandments of God they will come forth with celestial bodies, fitted and prepared to enter into their great, high and eternal glory in the celestial kingdom of God, and unto them, through their preparation, there will come children, who will be spirit children. I don't think that is very difficult to comprehend and understand. The nature of the offspring is determined by the nature of the substance that flows in the veins of the being. When blood flows in the veins of the being, the offspring will be what blood produces, which is tangible flesh and bone, but when that which flows in the veins is spirit matter, a substance which is more refined and pure and glorious than blood, the offspring of such beings will be spirit children. By that I mean they will be in the image of the parents. They will have a spirit body and have a spark of the eternal or divine that always did exist in them.

Unto such parentage will this glorious privilege come, for it is written in our scriptures that "the glory of God is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." So, it will be the glory of men and women that will make their glory like unto His. When the power of endless increase shall come to them, and their offspring, growing and multiplying through ages that shall come, they will be in due time, as we have been, provided with an earth like this, wherein they too may obtain earthly bodies and pass through all the experiences through which we have passed, and then we shall hold our relationship to them, the fulness and completeness of which has not been revealed to us, but we shall stand in our relationship to them as God, our Eternal Father, does to us, and thereby is this the most glorious and wonderful privilege that ever will come to any of the sons and daughters of God.

211. Sermons and Missionary Experiences of Melvin J. Ballard; Bryant S. Hinckley, compiler; pp. 205-206.

No matter to what heights God has attained or may attain, he does not stand alone; for side by side with him, in all her glory, a glory like unto his, stands a companion, the Mother of his children. For as we have a Father in heaven, so also we have a Mother there, a glorified, exalted, ennobled Mother. That is a startling doctrine, I recognize, to some folk, and yet we ought to be governed by reason in giving consideration to this doctrine which is a revelation from God. . . . Motherhood is eternal with Godhood, and there is no such thing as eternal or endless life without the eternal and endless continuation of motherhood.

212. Utah Genealogical Magazine; Joseph Fielding Smith; pp. 146-151; October 1930.


Even in the Church there are a scattered few who are now advocating and contending that this earth was peopled with a race--perhaps many races--long before the days of Adam. These men desire, of course, to square the teachings in the Bible with the teachings of modern science and philosophy in regard to the age of the earth and life upon it. If you hear any one talking this way, you may answer them by saying that the doctrine of "pre-Adamites" is not a doctrine of the Church, and is not advocated nor countenanced in the Church. There is no warrant in the scripture, not an authentic word, to sustain it. But the revelations of the Lord reveal Adam as the "Ancient of days," Michael, the Archangel, who is appointed to have jurisdiction through all time and eternity on this earth and to preside over it, under the direction of Jesus Christ. He is called by the Lord the "first man of ALL men" upon the earth, and the Prophet Joseph Smith has said: "Commencing with Adam, who was the first man, who is spoken of in Daniel as being the 'Ancient of Days,' or in other words, the first and oldest of all." This is the doctrine which has been taught by authority in the Church regarding Adam.


* * *

The Gospel teaches us that if Adam and Eve had not partaken of that fruit of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil they would have remained in the garden of Eden in that same condition prevailing before the fall. Under those conditions they would have had no seed. "Adam fell that man might be" as it was decreed in the heavens before the world was. Lehi has given us a very clear and comprehensive view of the mission of Adam and of the atonement of Jesus Christ, and the Book of Mormon is very explicit in teaching these fundamental doctrines. In regard to the pre-mortal condition of Adam and the entire earth, Lehi has stated the following: "And now, behold, if Adam had not transgressed he would not have fallen, but he would have remained in the garden of Eden. And all things which were created must have remained in the same state in which they were after they were created; and they must have remained forever, and had no end.

Is not this statement plain enough? Whom are you going to believe, the Lord, or men? * * *


By revelation we are well informed that Adam was not subject to death when he was placed in the garden of Eden, nor was there any death upon the earth. The Lord has not seen fit to tell us definitely just how Adam came for we are not ready to receive that truth. He did not come here a resurrected being to die again for we are taught most clearly that those who pass through the resurrection receive eternal life, and can die no more. It is sufficient for us to know, until the Lord reveals more about it, that Adam was not subject to death but had the power, through transgressing the law, to become subject to death and to cause the same curse to come upon he earth and all life upon it. For this earth, once pronounced good, was cursed after the fall. It is passing through its mortal probation as well as the life which is upon it, and will eventually receive the resurrection and a place of exaltation which is decreed in the heavens for it.

The time will come when we shall be informed all about Adam and the manner of creation for the Lord has promised that when he comes he will make all these things known. * * *

For my part, I am willing to wait until this time to learn the truth of these things. This information was given to the Saints at one time in a former dispensation, but the Lord has said we may not have it in the days of wickedness;. When the Gentiles "shall repent of their iniquity, and become clean before the Lord," then it shall be revealed again. (Ether 4:6-7.)


* * *

So the brother of Jared wrote all about Adam; all about the creation and many other things, which the world in its great wisdom cannot have today because we are not willing in the spirit of faith, such as the brother of Jared had, to accept the things of the Lord. The wise men of today would find the things of the Lord in conflict with their theories, and because of the hardness of our hearts we must wait until, in the spirit of true repentance and faith, we are cleansed and wickedness is banished from the earth.


This much regarding Adam has been revealed: He transgressed the law under which he was living in the garden of Eden and was driven out to till the earth. A curse was placed upon the earth and upon all things, and they became mortal--the earth, animal life, plant life and man. But this mortality was the means of giving to all men the privilege of passing through pain, sorrow, temptation and joy, thus increasing their education in preparation for the life which is to come. We speak of this as a fall, but Adam descended that he might rise, for without these experiences neither he nor his children could have experienced the many vicissitudes of this present life. Without the atonement of Jesus Christ we could not pass through the resurrection and death would have held claim upon every creature.

213. The Deseret News, p. 2,8; "Man A Child of God"; Saturday, September 19, 1936.

That man as a descendant of Adam, is, in a most literal sense, a child of God is emphatically explained in the following group of brief excerpts from Church records:


by Pres. Joseph F. Smith, Dec. 7, 1913, At Stake Conference of Maricopa Stake.

President Smith closed the conference with his usual brilliant, thoughtful remarks. He bore a strong testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel and said in part: "I know that my Redeemer liveth; I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God; I know that God is a being with body, parts and passions and that His Son is in His own likeness, and that man is created in the image of God. The Son, Jesus Christ, grew and developed into manhood the same as you or I, as likewise did God, His Father, grow and develop to the Supreme Being that He now is. Man was born of woman; Christ, the Savior, was born of woman; and God, the Father, was born of woman. Adam, our earthly parent, was also born or woman into this world, the same as Jesus and you and I." JOSEPH E. NOBLE, Stake Clerk.

(Deseret News, Dec 27,1913, Sec. III, p. 7).


We belong to our progenitors--to our Father and our God. 8:67.

Things were first created spiritually; the Father actually begat the spirit, and they were brought forth and lived with him. Then he commenced the work of creating earthly tabernacles, precisely as he had been created in this flesh Himself, by partaking of the coarse material that was organized and composed this earth, until His system was charged with it, consequently the tabernacles of His children were organized from the coarse materials of this earth.

(Discourses of Brigham Young, pp. 76,77).

Course of Study for Priest, 1910.

Subject: The Creation of Man.

Man has descended from God; in fact, he is of the same race as the Gods. His descent has not been from a lower form of life, but from the Highest Form of Life; in other words, man is, in the most literal sense, a child of God. This is not only true of the spirit of man, but of his body also. There never was a time, probably, in all the eternities of the past, when there was not men or children of God. This world is only one of many worlds which have been created by the Father through His Only Begotten."


The pedigree of the Savior, according to Luke, traces back to ". . . Enos, which was the son of Seth, which was the son of Adam, which was the son of God.--(Luke 3:38).


Revelation cannot bow to tradition. This is the great ideal, and it must be honored and maintained as such. In dealing with it, no Procrustean process is permissible. It must not be chopped off because men think it too long, nor stretched out because they think it too short. It did not come into the world to be mutilated. Truth is the standard--truth as heaven reveals it--and the opinions and theories of men must give way. The Gospel's accessories are no substitute for the Gospel.--Elder Orson F. Whitney.

214. Sermons and Missionary Experiences of Melvin J. Ballard, pp. 239-240; by Bryant S. Hinckley; (sometime between 1919 & 1939).

What do we mean by endless or eternal increase? We mean that through the righteousness and faithfulness of men and women who keep the commandments of God they will come forth with celestial bodies, fitted and prepared to enter into their great, high and eternal glory in the celestial kingdom of God, and unto them, through their preparation, there will come children, who will be spirit children. I don't think that is very difficult to comprehend and understand. The nature of the offspring is determined by the nature of the substance that flows in the veins of the being. When blood flows in the veins of the being, the offspring will be what blood produces, which is tangible flesh and bone, but when that which flows in the veins is spirit matter, a substance which is more refined and pure and glorious than blood, the offspring of such beings will be spirit children. By that I mean they will be in the image of the parents. They will have a spirit body and have a spark of the eternal or divine that always did exist in them.

215.  Man, His Origin and Destiny, pp. 276-277; Joseph Fielding Smith; 1940.

. . . does it not appear to you that it is a foolish and ridiculous notion that when God created this earth he had to begin with a speck of protoplasm, and take millions of years, if not billions, to bring conditions to pass by which his sons and daughters might obtain bodies made in his image? Why not the shorter route and transplant them from another earth as we are taught in the scriptures?

216. Church History & Modern Revelation, p. 231; Joseph Fielding Smith; 1940.

We know that when Adam was placed on the earth it was pronounced good, and he as well as the earth was not subject to death. There was no blood in his body, but he had a spiritual body until it was changed by the fall. A spiritual body is one which is not quickened by blood, but by spirit. Before the fall, Adam had a physical, tangible body of flesh and bones, but it was not quickened by blood. The partaking of the forbidden fruit caused blood to exist in his body and thus the seeds of mortality were sown and his body then became temporal, or mortal.

217. The First 2,000 Years, 1st ed., pp. 31-32; W. Cleon Skousen; Chapter 4: The Temporal Creation; 1953.

Origin of Human Life on the Earth

When the Lord was describing to Moses the manner in which human life first came to this planet, He summarily dismissed the subject with the simple statement that Adam's temporal body was made from "the dust of the ground" and that his spirit entered that body to sustain it with the "breath of life." How the Lord provided Adam with a body from the dust of the ground is not mentioned at this point and as a result a great many scriptural scholars made the same mistake certain scientists did. They concluded that by some mysterious means life was created spontaneously. They misled themselves into thinking that the Lord performed some kind of miracle by making a physical form out of earthly clay and then transforming it into a living human body.

Such a concept partakes of the dark ages and is nowhere justified in scripture.

In fact, the Lord originally told Moses precisely what it meant to be made from the dust of the earth. This is a technical phrase. It meant to be "born. . . by water, and blood, and the spirit which I have made, and so became of dust a living soul." (Moses 6:59) This is simply a description of the physical birth. That is also how Adam's physical body was made. It was born of a mother just as the body of every other human being has been made from the dust of the earth.

Where was he born? Who were his parents? To have answered these questions in detail would have required the Lord to discuss events on other planets and He had already told Moses He did not wish to cover such matters at that time. In this dispensation, however, the servants of the Lord have added to our understanding of this problem. Said President Brigham Young, "Mankind are here because they are the offspring of parents (Adam and Eve) who were first brought here from another planet." (Disc of BY, 1925, p 160)

And speaking of Adam's origin, President Young declared: "Adam was made from the dust of an earth, but not from the dust of this earth. He was made as you and I were made and no person was ever made on any other principle." (JD 3:319)

This enlightening addition to human knowledge prompted this comment from B. H. Roberts: "As vegetation was created or made to grow upon some older earth, and the seeds thereof or the plants themselves were brought to our earth and made to grow, so likewise man and his help-meet were brought from some other world to our own, to people it with their children. And though it is said that the 'Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground'---it by no means follows that he was 'formed' as one might form a brick, or from the dust of this earth. We are all 'formed' of the dust of the ground, though instead of being molded as a brick we are brought forth by the natural laws of procreation; so also was Adam and his wife in some older world. And as for the story of the rib, under it I believe the mystery of procreation is hidden." (Roberts, Man's Relationship to Deity, pp. 279-280)

The earthly material from which the body of Adam was formed was therefore of the same temporal class as our own earth but it was provided for him by natural and eternal laws of procreation on some other, older earth-planet than our own. When Adam was brought to the earth he was placed in a beautiful and comfortable environment located "eastward in Eden."

[Middle of page 33:] During this period of embellishment when parent stock of the plant and animal kingdoms was being transplanted to this earth, Adam took an active part in supervising this work under the Lord's direction as he also must have done during the earth's preparation. This is referred to by President Young, "Though we have it in history that our Father Adam. . . knew nothing about his God previous to being made here, yet it is not so, and when we learn the truth we shall see and understand that he helped to make this world and was the manager of that operation. He was the person who brought the animals and the seeds from other planets to this world." (JD 3:319)

218. Speech given by J. Reuben Clark, Jr.; Brigham Young University; p. 9; July 7, 1954.

Here we must have in mind---must know---that only the President of the Church, the Presiding High Priest, is sustained as Prophet, Seer, and Revelator for the Church, and he alone has the right to receive revelations for the Church, either new or amendatory, or to give authoritative interpretations of scriptures that shall be binding on the Church, or change in any way the existing doctrines of the Church. He is God's sole mouthpiece on earth for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the only true Church. He alone may declare the mind and will of God to his people. No officer of any other Church in the world has this high right and lofty prerogative.

219. Doctrines of Salvation, Vol 1; Joseph Fielding Smith; 1954.

Our Father in heaven is the Father of Jesus Christ, both in the spirit and in the flesh. Our Savior is the Firstborn in the spirit, the Only Begotten in the flesh. (p. 18)

Adam's body was created from the dust of the earth, but at that time it was a spiritual earth. Adam had a spiritual body until mortality came upon him through the violation of the law under which he was living, but he also had a physical body of flesh and bones.

Now what is a spiritual body? It is one that is quickened by spirit and not by blood. Our Father in Heaven and our Savior and all those who have passed through the resurrection have physical bodies of flesh and bones, but their bodies are quickened by spirit and not by blood, hence they are spiritual bodies and not blood bodies. The immortal body is quickened by spirit, but the mortal body is quickened by blood. . . .

Now when Adam was in the Garden of Eden, he was not subject to death. There was no blood in his body and he could have remained there forever. This is true of all other creations. This statement may not be very pleasing to our evolutionists, but it is true. (pp. 76-77)

There was no living thing upon the earth until it was prepared for living life. The Pearl of Great Price does not say that man was the first living thing on the earth, but that he was the first flesh and the first man also. He became the first mortal flesh when he fell. By flesh is meant mortality, and Adam was the first mortal on the earth; but animals and other forms of life were placed on earth first, and he was not on the earth until everything was prepared for him. (pp. 77-78)

But Adam was the first flesh on the earth and the first man also. By flesh is meant mortality. There are numerous passages in the scriptures in which mortality and flesh are used synonymously. Adam was placed on the earth after all other creatures were here. He came when the earth was prepared for him. The Lord speaks of his becoming the first "flesh," or mortal, because of his fall. He was, of course, the first man on the earth, contrary to the teachings of our evolutionists. (p. 92)

I tell you, life did not commence upon this earth spontaneously. Its origin was not here. Life existed long before our solar system was called into being. The fact is, there never was a time when man--made in the image of God, male and female--did not exist. . . .

The Lord has given us the information regarding his creations, and how he has made many earths, for there never was a beginning, never was a time when man did not exist somewhere in the universe, and when the time came for this earth to be peopled, the Lord, our God, transplanted upon it from some other earth, the life which is found here. (pp. 139-140)

220. Doctrines of Salvation, 2:47; Joseph Fielding Smith; 1955.

Evidently his (Christ's) Father passed through a period of mortality even as he passed through mortality, and as we all are doing. Our Father in heaven, according to the Prophet, had a Father, and since there has been a condition of this kind through all eternity, each Father had a Father, until we come to a stop where we cannot go further, because of our limited capacity to understand.

221. Evidences & Reconciliations; John A. Widtsoe; April 1, 1960.

In the sermon referred to, (JD 1:50) President Young places Adam unequivocally as a separate character, "Michael," under the dominion of the Trinity. "The earth was organized by three distinct characters, Elohim, Yahovah, and Michael." There was no substituting of Adam for the God to whom we pray. Likewise, the term "father" was constantly applied by Brigham Young to Adam, because Adam was associated with Jesus Christ in the making of the earth; and also in a more literal sense, because, as the first man, he was the father of the race. Yet there are those who have nursed the irrational conclusion that President Young implied that Adam and God, the Father, are one and the same individual.

Brigham Young's much-discussed sermon says that "Jesus was begotten in the flesh by the same character that was in the Garden of Eden, and who is our Father in heaven." Enemies of the Church, or stupid people, reading also that Adam is "our father and our God," have heralded far and wide that the Mormons believe that Jesus Christ was begotten of Adam. Yet, the rational reading of the whole sermon reveals the falsity of such a doctrine. It is explained that God the Father was in the Garden of Eden before Adam, that he was the Father of Adam, and that this same personage, God the Father, who was in the Garden of Eden before Adam, was the Father of Jesus Christ, when the Son took upon himself a mortal body. That is, the same personage was the Father of Adam and of Jesus Christ. In the numerous published sermons of Brigham Young this is the doctrine that appears; none other. The assertion is repeatedly made that Jesus Christ was begotten by God, the Father, distinct by any stretch of imagination from Adam. This is a well-established Latter-day Saint doctrine. (56)

With this doctrine in mind, President Brigham Young preached the sermon which has been construed by enemies to teach that Adam is the God to whom we pray and whom we worship. (JD 1:50) President Young merely followed the sound doctrine taught by Joseph Smith that when the earth story is finished, the heads of all the dispensations will deliver their stewardships to Adam, who in turn will deliver them to Jesus Christ, under whose commission the earth work has been done. . . .

Moreover, in the sermon referred to, Brigham Young spoke of Adam as Michael, the archangel, the Ancient of Days, so that nowhere can an intelligent reader confuse Adam with either member of the Godhead. (66-67)

Those who peddle the well-worn Adam-God myth, usually charge the Latter- day Saints with believing that: (1) Our Father in heaven, the Supreme God, to whom we pray, is Adam, the first man; and (2) Adam was the father of Jesus Christ. A long series of absurd and false deductions are made from these propositions. . . . Nowhere is it suggested that Adam is God, the Father, whose child Adam himself was. (68-69)

222. Address given at LDS Institute of Religion; Joseph Fielding Smith; Salt Lake City, Utah; January 14, 1961.

Why did Adam come here? Not subject to death when he was placed upon the earth, there had to come a change in his body through the partaking of this element---whatever you want to call it, fruit---that brought blood into his body; and blood became the life of the body instead of spirit. And blood has in it the seeds of death, some mortal element. Mortality was created through the eating of the forbidden fruit, if you want to call it forbidden, but I think the Lord has made it clear that it was not forbidden. He merely said to Adam, if you want to stay here this is the situation. If so, don't eat it.

223. Journal of John A. Tvedtnes; Friday, June 30, 1961.

President Joseph Fielding Smith said:

The Lord did not give us the complete story of the creation of Adam and Eve because He knew the world would not accept it.

224. Phone call to Reed C. Durham; Friday afternoon, April 29, 1966. [Notes from a talk with Bruce R. McConkie concerning Brother McConkie's feelings about Luke 3:38] Note: This particular philosophy finds no support in the scriptures nor in the revelations of Joseph Smith. It only clouds an uncloudy issue.

He had purposely left the door open on that part. He said that it was a true doctrine, that God the Father, Eloheim, a divine resurrected being, came down to this earth after its creation with a wife and produced, in a natural way of sexual intercourse, a child who grew up and became known as Adam. They did the same and brought forth a girl, who grew up and became Eve. They had bodies of flesh and bone, but were not mortal; not till they fell. They (Adam and Eve) were not resurrected and were not translated beings. God really did create their bodies on this earth. They were not transported here; only their spirits. He then said that his father-in-law told him that was a true doctrine, and that it had been taught a great deal by President Joseph F. Smith. He also added that President Joseph Fielding Smith said it was too deep now for most saints and that's the reason for saying about the creation of Adam and Even in the temple, 'it's only figurative.'

225. Church News, p. 10; Hugh B. Brown; February 25, 1967.

The opportunities and possibilities of an archangel or of a god are inherent in man.

226. Lecture on the Atonement; B.Y.U. Faculty of Religion; Summer, 1967. [Tapescript copy]

I'll make a comment on the creation of Adam, and I'll tell you what your source material is. The best source material, really, is the statement of the First Presidency of the day of Joseph F. Smith, John R. Winder and Anthon H. Lund, when they issued the document that most of you are familiar with about the creation, evolution and the fall of Adam. The original source is volume 13 of the Improvement Era, but it's quoted everywhere. In this document they say such things as this--Adam began life as the human germ or embryo that becomes a man--and they also say all men who have taken bodies since that day have come "in like manner." Well, that simply means that Adam was born into the world. That's the way he had to get here.

227. Working Memorandum on the Creation Story; Handout, p. 14; BYU; Cleon Skousen; 1972.

Brigham Young stated that "He (Adam) was made as you and I were made and no person was ever made on any other principle." In fact, the Lord told Moses what it meant to be 'made from the dust of the earth.' The Lord said it meant to be 'BORN. . .by water, and blood, and the spirit which I have made, and SO BECAME OF DUST A LIVING SOUL.' (Moses 6:59)

228. Melchizedek Priesthood Manual; "Answers to Gospel Questions"; Joseph Fielding Smith; 1972.

Adam and Eve did not come here in a mortal state. They had to come in the manner in which they did and then transgress the law. The transgression of that law, contrary to the view of many, was not a sin. It was not a sin any more than the transgression in the laboratory by a chemist in combining two substances and creating another entirely different from the first. It was not a sin to bring to pass mortality, a condition which was essential to the eternal welfare of man. The fall changed the nature of Adam and Eve to fit them for the condition in which we now are. (p. 60)

The statement by President Brigham Young (JD 1:50) that the Father is the first of the human family is easily explained. The expression that he was the same character that was in the Garden of Eden has led to misunderstanding because of the implication which many place upon it that it had reference to Adam. Unfortunately President Brigham Young is not here to make his meaning in this regard perfectly clear. Under the circumstances we must refer to other expressions by President Brigham Young in order to ascertain exactly what his views really were in relation to God, Adam, and Jesus Christ. Let me comment first upon the expression that God is the "first of the human family." This same doctrine was taught by Joseph Smith. It is a fundamental doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

He also taught that, literally, God is our Father. That men are of the same RACE--the race called humans, and God the progenitor, or creator, is the Father of the human race. . . .

In discussing the statement by President Brigham Young that the Father of Jesus Christ is the same character who was in the Garden of Eden, I maintain that President Young was NOT referring to Adam, but to God the Father, who created Adam, for he was in the Garden of Eden, and according to Mormon doctrine Adam was in his presence constantly, walked with him, talked with him and the Father taught Adam his language. It was not until the Fall, that the Father departed from Adam and from the Garden of Eden. . . .

President Brigham Young did not believe and did not teach, that Jesus Christ was begotten by Adam. He said that Adam was conversant with his Father in the Garden of Eden. This is believed by all members of the Church, and that the Father was in the Garden of Eden until Adam was driven out for his transgression. (p. 20-22)

229. The Message of the Joseph Smith Papyri, p. 147; Hugh Nibley; 1975.

. . . in the mysteries everywhere the sleep is also a forgetting. . . . What we see in Jacob at Bethel, the place of the Temple, is really "Adam who has forgotten his image of the Divine Chariot. . . asleep down below." A very early Christian writing tells how Adam, having settled things with the rebellious Lucifer, proceeded to come down to earth under a heavenly escort, but upon arriving here fell into a deep sleep. . . . The close association between coronation and creation is seen in the Pyramid rite in which the King is commanded to shake off sleep, arise, and receive his power. (p. 147)

In Judeao-Christian tradition the first representative of the arrested sacrifice is Adam, who, as he was sacrificing on an alter, calling upon God with upraised hands, was accosted by Satan, who tried to sacrifice him, smiting him on the right side with a sharp stone. Adam fell upon the altar and Satan fled. While Eve attempted to raise up her husband, and just as he was at the point of death, God accepted his blood flowing upon the altar as a sacrifice, "and thus sent down his word and healed Adam". Thus, as in the cases of Abraham and Isaac, the sacrifice, though arrested, was no mere empty form, since it was clearly in the process of being carried out to the end in good faith. (p. 217)

230. The Ensign, p. 5-6; First Presidency Message; President Spencer W. Kimball; "Absolute Truth"; September 1978.

A few more salient facts, which I shall not attempt at this moment to elaborate upon: Adam and Eve transgressed a law and were responsible for a change that came to all their posterity, that of mortality. Could it have been the different food which made the change? Somehow blood, the life-giving element in our bodies, replaced the finer substance which coursed through their bodies before. They and we became mortal, subject to illness, pains, and even the physical dissolution called death. But the spirit, which is supreme in the dual man, transcends the body. It does not decompose but proceeds to the spirit world for further experience, with the assurance that after sufficient preparation there, a reunion will take place where the spirit will be housed eternally in a remodeled body of flesh and bones. This time the union will never be dissolved, since there will be no blood to disintegrate and cause trouble. A finer substance will give life to the body and will render it immortal.

231.  Journal of Wilford Woodruff; Church Historical Department, Ms/f/115; January 27, 1860.

Minutes of a meeting of the Presidency & Twelve[,] Presidents of Seventies and other assembled in President Young's Council Room at 6 o'clock. * * * President Young stated the object of the meeting was to converse upon doctrinal points to see if we see alike. I pray that we may have the spirit of God to rest upon us that our minds may be upon the subject & that we may speak by the Holy Spirit. He then called upon A. Carrington to read a sermon, he read it before the company, a piece prepared for the press written by Orson Pratt upon the Godhead. He claimed that it was the attributes of God that he worshipped and not the person & that he worshipped those attributes whether he found them in God, Jesus Christ, Adam, Moses, the Apostles, Joseph, Brigham or in anybody else. After the document was read, President Young then called upon the Twelve to express their feelings upon the subject. He called upon O Hyde to speak & he called upon J. Taylor to speak. He spoke a short time. No one knew at the time (except the President & Carrington) who the author of the document was. Brother Taylor said he did not see it in that light. He worshiped a personage and not the attributes, he thought God was located and could not worship the attributes in anybody. President Young then called a vote of the assembly and said if you understand this to be a correct doctrine as here written I wish you manifest it by saying yes. No one spoke. President Young then said do I worship attributes or the dispenser of these attributes. I worship the dispenser of them of these attributes and not the attributes. This is O Pratt's sermon prepared for the press. I do not want to have it published if it is not right. Brother Orson worships the attributes of God but not God. * * * Orson Pratt has differed from me in many things. But this is a great principle & I do not wish to say you shall do so and so. I do not know of a man who has a mathematical turn of mind but what goes too far. The trouble between Orson Pratt & me is I do not know enough & he knows too much. * * * When I read O Pratt's views in the Seer I could not swallow it. * * * There is not a man in the Church that can preach better than Orson Pratt upon any subject which he understands. It is music to hear him, but the trouble is he will preach upon things he does not know a thing about and then he will preach false doctrine & so will Elder Hyde. He preaches upon the resurrection & teaches things which are not true. * * * Erastus Snow said . . . I cannot see things in the same light that Orson Pratt does, but when President Young has taught doctrine it has always tasted good to me. * * * Orson Pratt said I will speak upon this subject. . . . I have no excuses to make. President Young said I ought to make a confession. But Orson Pratt is not a man to make a confession of what I do not believe. I am not going to crawl to Brigham Young and act the hypocrite and confess what I do not believe. I will be a free man.

President Young condemns my doctrines to be false. I do not believe them to be false which I publish in the Seer in England. It has been said we should let those things sleep. But you do not let them sleep. If I had thought while in England that President Young worshipped a God without attributes I would not have written what I did (The above remark was an unkind cut in Orson Pratt he should not have said it). But I do not believe it, yet I will not act the hypocrite. It may cost me my fellowship, but I will stick to it; if I die tonight I would say O Lord God Almighty I believe what I say.

Elder John Taylor spoke at some length and tried to convince Orson Pratt of his error. President Young said Orson Pratt has started out upon false premises to argue upon. His foundation has been a false one all the time and I will prove it false. You have been like a mad stubborn mule, and have taken a false position in order to accuse me. You have accused me of worshipping a stalk or stone or a dead body without life or attributes. You never heard such a doctrine taught by me or any leader of the Church. It is as false as hell, and you will not hear the last of it soon. You know it is false. Do we worship those attributes? No, we worship God because he has all those attributes and is the dispenser of them and because he is our Father & our God. Orson Pratt puts down a lie to argue upon. He has had false ground all the time tonight. There never was a time or eternity but what a God did exist and a God that had children upon the same principle that children are now begotten, and I was begotten by the God I worship who reigns in the heavens and I shall also in my turn reign as a God & so will you.

O Hyde said to O Pratt, my opinion is not worth as much to me as my fellowship in this Church.

President Young said, Michael was a resurrected Being and he left Eloheim and came to this earth & with an immortal body, & continued so till he partook of earthly food and begot children who were mortal (keep this to yourselves) then they died. A Carrington spoke upon the subject a short time and made some useful remarks.

President Young spoke upon the subject of O. Pratt laying down false principles to work upon. * * * President H C Kimball followed President Young and said, Brother Orson Pratt has withstood Joseph and he has withstood Brother Brigham many times and he has done it tonight and it made my blood chill. It is not for you to lead, but to be led by him. You have not the power to dictate but to be dictated. W.

Woodruff arose and said Brother Orson Pratt I wish to ask you one or two questions. You see that the spirit and doctrine which you possess is entirely in opposition to the First Presidency, the Quorum of the Twelve, and all who are present this evening, and it chills the blood in our veins to hear your words & feel your spirit. Should not this be a guidance to you that you are wrong. What would become of the Quorum of the Twelve if we all felt as you do. We should all go to hell in a pile together. You say you are honest in the course you are pursuing. I wish to ask you if you were honest when you said that if you had known that President Young worshipped a God without life or attributes that you would not have written what you did. (O Pratt said, I will recall that). It was an insult to President Young and the Holy Priesthood which he holds. Every man in this room who has a particle of the spirit of God, knows that Pres. Young is a Prophet of God and that God sustains him and he has the Holy Spirit and his doctrines are true, and that he is qualifying to lead the people and he has explained everything so plain this evening that a child can understand it, and yet it is no evidence to you. Nothing can make an impression upon you, no argument can reach your understanding. But Brother Orson I have seen the day when you were in sorrow. It was when you were cast out of your Quorum and out of the Church and that to, in consequence of persuing the same course you are this evening. Then you could both see, feel & understand. Then argument could reach you when you saw your glory and crown departing from you. I beg of you to reflect and not let your will carry you too far in these things. It would be better for us not to be able to cast up a simple sum in addition and be humble before the Lord, than to have ever so much knowledge & permit that knowledge to lead us to destruction. There are but few men upon earth upon whom God has bestowed such gifts, qualifications and reasoning powers as he has upon you, and he will hold you responsible for the use you make of them, and you should not make a wreck of your salvation for contending for things which you do not understand[.] I do feel at this advanced state of the Church and the late day and wish the information which you possess that neither you nor your Brethren ought to be troubled with false doctrine. Neither should you cause your Brethren to listen to such a scene of things as we have heard tonight or to insult the president of this Church as you have done. Although you are unbending in your will tonight the day is not far distant when you will be glad to bend to the president of this Church and make reconciliation. * * *

Orson Hyde spoke upon the subject and said Brother Pratt had not got the spirit of God. He was followed by C. C. Rich who backed up the testimony of the Twelve in saying that Orson Pratt was wrong. E. T.

Benson spoke upon the same subject and said if Brother Pratt had the confidence in President Young which he ought to have he would feel different. If he had the confidence in his Brethren which he should have I know he would feel different. President Young said I will tell you how I got along with Joseph. I found out that God called Joseph to be a Prophet. I did not do it. I then said I will leave the Prophet in the hands of that God who called and ordained him to be a Prophet. He is not responsible to me and it is none of my business what he does. It is for me to follow & obey him. * * *

Joseph once told me to go to his own house to attend a meeting with him. He said that he would not go without me. I went and Hyrum preached upon the Bible, Book of Mormon, & Doctrine & Covenants and said we must take them as our guide alone. He preached very lengthy until he nearly wearied the people out, when he closed. Joseph told me to get up. I did so. I took the Books and piled them all up on top of each other. I then said that I would not give the ashes of a rye straw for all those books for my salvation without the living oracles. I should follow and obey the living oracles for my salvation instead of any thing else. When I got through, Hyrum got up and made a confession for not including the living oracles.

It may be thought strange by the Brethren that I will still fellowship Elder Pratt after what he has said, but I shall do it. I am determined to whip Brother Pratt into it and make him work in the harness. * * *

F D Richards dismissed the meeting.

232.   This is a quote from a discourse given by President Young in the Salt Lake Tabernacle on April 20, 1856. The source is JD 3:319.
He was the person who brought the animals and the seeds from other planets to this world, and brought a wife with him and stayed here. You may read and believe what you please as to what is found written in the Bible. Adam was made from the dust of an earth, but not from the dust of this earth. He was made as you and I are made, and no person was ever made upon any other principle.

233. On January 27, 1860, Elder Wilford Woodruff recorded the minutes of a meeting which was held by the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve in which they met to discuss some of the doctrines which were being taught by Orson Pratt. This journal entry of Elder Woodruff quotes President Young as saying that Adam came to this earth as a resurrected being.

Michael was a resurrected Being and he left Eloheim and came to this earth & with an immortal body, & continued so till he par took of earthly food and begot children who were mortal.


"As man is God once was, and as God is man may become."

Do you believe your earthly father was once a little boy as you used to be. How can you prove it. Law establishes the fact that it could not be otherwise.

As your earthly father grew to manhood, he learned a new law, that is, new to him, but the law is old as the world: this law was matrimony. He obeyed the law and by the law became entitled to anew name, - "Husband." Having received this title he was prepared to observe still another, to him new, law, whereby he became entitled to another new name, the greatest name in all the world or worlds to come, - "Father." And you a mortal son was born into the home.

Up until this time you had lived in the spirit world, a son of God, and had been educated in the knowledge of the Gods, and i obedience to the law of mortal birth. you came into this world as a little child, and forgot all you formerly knew. In other words, God, your heavenly Father. caused a deep sleep to come upon you. Your spiritual eyes were closed and you began to behold the light of a temporal world as your mortal eyes were opened, and thus you grew at Mother's knee, and here you learned to walk by faith, as Paul says, "And now ye walk by faith and not by sight," and as the years of childhood lead you into youth, you wandered farther and farther into the great garden of the lone and dreary world. the world we now live in, and in this great garden you found all kinds of fruit and vegetation, some good, some bad, "of the good thou mayest freely eat. but of the bad thou shalt not partake of it." "Nevertheless, thou mayest choose for thyself, but remember I your Heavenly Father forbad you."

You also found Lucifer here, and all his associates, seeking to teach you all manner of false doctrine and trying to lead you astray; he sought to teach you to disobey law, to disregard commandments, and to freely eat of all the fruits and plants in the garden, of which you had been commanded not to partake; he taught you to forget the word of wisdom, to take the name of God in vain, and every other unholy and impure practices, and thus the years of youth went on, until by the bitters in life the law of repentance was awakened in your soul, and by this law you overcame temptation, turned away from sin as best you could, and sought to walk in obedience to all truth, and as you approached manhood, the law of matrimony came also before you. You accepted and obeyed, and entered into an everlasting covenant with one of the daughters of God, to be your wife and companion forever.

But still your spiritual eyes were closed in mortal sleep and while you thus slept, You begot mortal children. (the seed was taken from your loins, or as it is written, "from the rib of man"). Now you have become the co-equal with your earthly father, for you have obeyed the same laws, and have received the same new names. Is it not ever father's ambition that his son should become like him in all things, and enjoy the same blessings he enjoys.

Your mortal children grew up around you, soon to reach the age of maturity, your sons to follow the footsteps of their father, obey the same laws and receive the same new names - and went out and made homes of their own and thus became your co-equal, and your daughters were adopted into the homes of others.

Thus we find you and mother sitting in the twilight of mortal day, alone, thinking most, of the great life beyond the grave, the resurrection and that celestial glory for which you had lived and loved and sacrificed, and soon your mortal eyes are closed in sleep, and the mortal body is laid to rest, but you, yourself., in the spirit lives on, your spiritual eyes are opened again, and you see and remember as before the mortal sleep. Then comes the resurrection, by which you are prepared to receive a fulness of Celestial Glory, you and your companion, and by reason of that everlasting covenant you entered into when in mortality you are still husband and wife, and as such you will continue to live in everlasting progression, that is, to multiply, to beget children, sons and daughters; and as your mortal children were of the earth earthly, so also will your heavenly children be of the spirit world spiritual.

We commonly call our future estate heaven, so you are their Heavenly Father, and Mother, their Heavenly Mother, and all this by obedience to law, notwithstanding you have become a Heavenly Father, you still have a Heavenly Father, whom you love more and more each day as you grow in knowledge and advance in experience, and even your Heavenly Father had a Heavenly Father, and so we might continue, or, as is expressed in a hymn:

235. "If you could high to Kolob, in the twinkling of an eye,

You call your spiritual children together and hold a council with them; and in the contemplation of a new earth, a savior must be provided. You call for volunteers, there may be a number of bright sons reply. It is your right to choose the one dearest to your own heart, he being worthy of the position. Another among the volunteers may become offended, and rebel against the plan, and lead many away with him. The chosen one is ordained to his calling, a calling in the Priesthood, and placed in full charge of the organization of the new earth, its redemption and sanctification. Thus the faithful son becomes the creator and redeemer of the new world, Grandfather remaining the highest authority, Architect and Chief Commander, while you, the Father, remain in reserve for other important duties, and thus the six days of creation go on and the earth is finished and is indeed glorious and beautiful.

The Seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord. That day, you and your wife, and all your children, - as many as will follow you - will spend in the the (sp. the) new earth, in worship and thanksgiving.

Now comes the morning of the new week in which mortality must begin, and your spiritual children must be introduced into mortality. Two must go before them and prepare the way for them. Whom will you send? Would you not say to [your] wife, "Come, Mother, let you and I lay aside our Celestial glory for a little season and eat of the elements of this new earth. that we may again become of the earth earthy, and thereby our offspring will be mortal, and thus we will begin the begetting of mortal bodies for these, our spiritual children; and when they have grown to maturity in their mortal estate, we will command them to multiply and replenish the earth. We have passed through earth life, death and the resurrection. We have power to lay aside this Celestial Glory and we have power to take it up again."

To which she, a faithful Mother, will reply: "Yes, we will partake of the elements of this new earth. We will make this sacrifice for our spiritual children that they also may continue on in the law of everlasting progression and become like unto us, for as the Gods are, some may become."

(Note: This manuscript was copied from manuscript which was found in the possession of N. B. Lundwall.)

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