Adam-God Sources

Testimony "Friendly"

    Before Adam, Old Testament and Related Studies, pp. 49-84 Hugh Nibley.

    Adam-God's Last Stand, by W. John Walsh on ( [back in 2001 this page once resided at:, from the wayback machine]

    A First Presidency Letter Regarding the Adam-God Theory (1912) [back in 2001 this page once resided at:, from the wayback machine]

    Bruce McConkie's Letter of Rebuke to Professor Eugene England. [back in 2001 this page once resided at:, from the wayback machine]

    First Presidency Repudiates the Key Doctrine of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young.

    ADAM-GOD Theory from Doctrines of Salvation Vol 1 Chap 6 pp 96-106:

    Readers FAQ for Adam-God: Do the Mormons teach that Adam & God are the same person?

    Evolution and The Origin of Adam by Keith H. Meservy Ass. Professor of Ancient Scripture BYU.

    the Adam-God theory - something that was never official LDS doctrine and still isn't.

    What About the Adam-God Theory? By Van Hale. See Reply by John Farkas.

    My little lecture about the Adam God Theory, by Cordell Vail on his Epistle web page.

    The Oneness of Adam-God; Jesus Christ and the Latter-day Father-Messiah. (site unstable)


Testimony "Neutral"

    Adam-God Teaching - A Theory Or A Doctrine? by John Farkas.

    230 Quotations Dealing with the Relationship of Our First Earthy Parents to Our Heavenly Parents.

    THE GODHEAD - ADAM = GOD, Brigham Young's doctrine of the godhead.

    Eliza R. Snow Smith Quotes on Adam as our Father in Heaven.

    The Reconstruction of Mormon Doctrine: From Joseph Smith to Progressive Theology

    Brigham Young's 1852 Adam-God Sermon.

    The Adam-God Doctrine, A Few References.

    Journal of Discourses [ Volume 1, pages 46-53 ] Adam, Our Father and Our God.

    Sensitive LDS Doctrinal Issues -or- Confronting Ignorance, Adam-God.

    Adam-God and the Endowment Ritual.

    The Adam-God Maze Culled K. Christensen.


Testimony "Hostile"

    Over a period of 21 years Brigham Young taught that Adam was the God of this world.

    The Journal of Discourses indeed states that Adam is our father and our God.

    LDS Apostle Bruce R. McConkie, Confesses Brigham Young Taught Adam-God Doctrine.

    1976 Nov. Ensign p.76, President Spencer W. Kimball branded Adam-God theory as false doctrine.

    Adam-God Theory taught: President Hinckley stated, "Brigham Young said a lot of things."

    The Mormon Conception of Deity, Michael Our Father and Our God.

    ADAM; WHO IS HE? ADAM; HE IS GOD! by Ogden Kraut.

    Adam-God The Truth, The year 1852 was a pivotal year in the history of The CoJCoL-DS.

   The Truth About Adam-God, Speaking the truth is not always a good feeling!

    Unpublished Adam-God Discourses, by Brigham Young, Edited by Fred C. Collier.

    The Mormon Adam God Doctrine by Ryan Hicks.

    The Adam-God Doctrine and Living Prophets by Jerald and Sandra Tanner.

    An Introduction to Mormon's Adam-God Doctrine. What Are Adam-God Teachings?

    An Address by Guy H. Musser on the Adam-God Doctrine Salt Lake City, Utah February 8, 1959.

    Adam-God ... Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you... by Craig L. Tholson.

    Michael Adam God, From God to Man, From Man to God.

    Adam, A Collection of Scriptural and Doctrinal References to His Identity and Mission.

    The World of Faith...and the Planet of God: Kenneth Cop eland tells us...

    A closer look at the LDS Scriptures shows that the idea of Adam-God is contained in the D&C.

    Brigham Young and The Adam-God Doctrine, do FIND, look for the exact words "Adam-God".

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    Mormon History 1904 - 1990    2nd Manifesto to the Modern Temple Changes.

    Mormon History 1990 - 2000     Modern Temple Changes to Current Events.

    Polygamy Central     Mormon Church History (1831 - 1904)     First Revelation to Last.

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