Chronology of the Film "Legacy"

This is a chronology of events and historical points of the film Legacy. I am interested in feedback as to any times that need consolidated or items that need inserted.

  1. "Eliza" Mary Elizabeth Rollins lives within walking distance of the of SLC temple 1892.
  2. Read Book or Mormon at age 13
  3. Stayed up all night reading the book
  4. Was one of the 1st. Baptized in to the church.
  5. Papa's friend brother Issac Morley.
  6. Establishing Zion.
  7. 1830 Up state New York.
  8. Met Prophet in Kirtland.
  9. Isaac Morley was missing Book of Mormon.
  10. Brother John not joined at the beginning.
  11. Brother Ran away.
  12. Moved to MO. In 1831 (Independence) Zion
  13. Joseph Smith gave Book of Mormon to Mary.
  14. June 20th 1833 Anti-Mormon Meeting, where discussed closing printing press.
  15. Mary Elizabeth Lived with Printer.
  16. Book of commandments partly shown. Present but wrong age.
  17. Clay County 1835 (mother died)
  18. Had a Parent that died. (totally wrong years)
  19. Raised by single parent.
  20. Fart West 1836 Caldwell County set aside for the settlement of the latter-day saints.
  21. Brother John (Hames) came back to family and church, the church.
  22. (Cut bad, Rocker was on other horse) horses kept trading places.
  23. John's girl friend called Caroline, (Mary's sister  was named Caroline)
  24. Look for zippers on pants.
  25. 1838 March Mary Elizabeth father (John) Williams went on mission. to Western England.
  26. Father reconciles with son.
  27. Five pennies for a Book of Mormon short one farthing. "a mans soul should be worth a farthing.
  28. David Walker, read James 2:4 and preacher encouraged him to join another church.
  29. Jacob A temple worker looked after family.
  30. Her friend's name was Catherine. ???
  31. Didn't notice zippers on pants. no close-up's
  32. Sold Book and walked away, an odd thing to do. (how common)
  33. Brother Fought against Mob. Some of them determined that they would not be driven out again, Johnny was one of them.
  34. Brother Killed fighting mob. At Hahn's Mill.
  35. General Clark to far west.
  36. Boggs extermination order.
  37. 1838 Hahn's Mill. Showed mormons fighting back.
  38. October 30th 1838 Hahn's Mill (John, Mary's brother Killed.)
  39. Catherine was a friend? of Johnny?
  40. Peace Treaty If JS and other leaders allowed to be taken from state.
  41. Treaty that must leave far west. She pushed past the guards to see JS taken away with other leaders. (Emma running behind wagon)
  42. "There is no Zion is there?" they went to Commerce to build, strengthen, and to return to "Zion", but I did not believe them.
  43. Commerce Illinois, Swamp Mary Elizabeth Sick, 1839
  44. She Lost faith in Zion, Will find Zion?
  45. Mary Dark Skinned. 1/2 Jewish.
  46. JS visits her in her sick bed. Blessed by him.
  47. "Eliza Williams in the name of Jesus Christ arise and be made whole.
  48. Arise and be made whole.
  49. 1840 Liver pool England David Walker Mary Elizabeth future husband leaves England.
  50. Saw Nauvoo Temple Cornerstone, became the largest city in the state of Illinois.
  51. David Walker, name of Young husband.
  52. John Williams "Eliza's Father, walks in at the last second of the corner stone setting.
  53. JS suddenly has an eastern accent.
  54. Jacob Whitney ?? to Marry Eliza after the temple built.
  55. Little sister is called Mary.???
  56. David Walker meets JS.
  57. Went to Relief Society when JS was in Nauvoo.
  58. Married a stone cutter. Was married outside temple by JS.
  59. Cross cutting competition, Dance. did a Circle Dance, waltzed as a couple.
  60. Proposals from 2 men.
  61. She was sworn to marry Jacob.
  62. Picked wild flower and pressed in book. same flowers as at end of book., when trying to decide which to marry.
  63. Will marry him if David will Make me Laugh.
  64. married by Joseph Smith, But not in the temple, but a church, it appears, but there were not ward houses in Nauvoo, they met in homes or the upper room of store.
  65. Bind on earth bound on in Heaven.
  66. Rocker with Sunstone. At end of the movie.
  67. April 1844. Nauvoo temple partially competed Joseph Preached. Persecutions vain, accusations false.
  68. Heard Joseph Speak at corner stone laying partially completed.
  69. This is the testimony last of all that he lives for I saw him even on the right had of God. (when)
  70. Church Not about Joseph Smith says the aged Mary Elizabeth but about Christ.
  71. Last thing she heard JS say was his testimony.
  72. June 22nd 1844 heard word of Joseph Smith death by Old boyfriend .
  73. Worked on Temple. He held an amy why didn't he use it, asked David?
  74. His vision.. Transcended Ours. (i.e. JS)
  75. (maybe JS had so many join Masons to help learn to build?)
  76. Showed the Nauvoo temple but did not show the Angle Moroni in temple cloths, or even show the top.
  77. Why that is how the show started?
  78. Maybe his work was finished.
  79. Lord .... not above us.
  80. Got endowments in the Nauvoo temple, before Mormons 1846 exodus.
  81. Not showed temple endowment?
  82. Moved west.
  83. Lost Blessing Struggled Moving west
  84. Council Bluffs July 1847.
  85. Husband went on Mormon battalion.
  86. He joined battalion as a call from God.
  87. From God a test of faith. "If there were any other way?"
  88. One more temple yet to built, Small toy hammer, remember your father loved you.
  89. Zion will be to live with your husband. "if we ever meet again it will be Zion to me."
  90. Winter Quarters Nebraska a dark place that I will never forget 1846 & 1847 Moved on.
  91. Not in the first group with Brigham Young. Went with Parley Pratt in his wagon.
  92. Father hurt his leg. "lets help god keep his promise."
  93. Shared wagon with sister-in-law, because other wagon lost,
  94. Why didn't they go straighter? why following windy river what appears to be Platt river.
  95. Prayed to heal OX. with eyes open. caressed ox's hair.
  96. Battalion met on trail in summer.
  97. Entered valley in the summer of 1847.
  98. Still had Book of Mormon that JS gave her and flower.
  99. The book legacy of faith never die. "May this legacy of faith never die." (Faith in what?")

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