Bibliographic references to James Henry Rollins

Early in the spring of A.D. 1838 myself, father, mother, four brothers (Elijah, Elisha, John and Murray) and sisters Eliza and Pyvenia landed with the body of the church in the state of Illinois, most of the church stopping in Adams County at first; renting land as they best could, the people of Adams County being kind to the Saints and especially the people of the city of Quincy, Adams County. My father and my brother-in-law S.A.P. Kelsey crossed the river at Hannibal, Missouri and from there turned their course to Millville, Illinois and from there to Payson and there rented forty acres of land of one of the old settlers by the name of James Rollins, paying him for the rent of the same, the breaking of the same.

George Averett Autobiography, typescript, BYU-S, p.8 - p.9

Mormon Manuscripts to 1846: Guide to Lee Library, BYU


Miscellaneaous legal papers, 1839-1849. 57 items.

Transcripts, summonses, appeal bonds, subpoenas, and other legal manuscripts pertaining to the following trials as brought before the courts of Hancock County, Illinois:

Benedict W. Crippen v. Stephen Bradshaw and Enock D. Brown, June 1840.

O. P. Rockwell, v. Henry Snyder, November 1840.

Benjamin Warrington v. Stephen Markham, 1840.


Thomas G. Reybourn v. Robert D. Foster, March-May 1843.

G. G. Fidler v. Robert D. Foster, May 1843.

Elisha Turner v. James Rollins, June-August 1843.

Sarah Bailey and John Neal v. Thomas Burnett, October 1843.

Benjamin Eby v. William and Wilson Law, October 1843.


B. H. Bullock v. Hiram Gates, March 1846.

David Scott v. Newel K. Whitney, Parley P. Pratt, Orson Pratt, Heber C. Kimball, and Brigham Young, December 1846.

B. F. Marsh v. E. Chandler, April 1849.

In addition to the above there are the following: Papers of an 1835 trial between Mark Aldrich and Edson Whitney; a marriage certificate (1839) of Lewis Robison and Clarissa Deuzett; an obligation of payment, December 9, 1842, setting forth a contract between Amos Davis, Lewis Robison, and Robert D. Foster.

Times and Seasons, Vol.2, p.372

Resolved, That this Conference proceed to ordain elders, Priests, Teachers, and Deacons, whereupon the following brethren were recommended and ordained Elders Harace B. Owens, David Grant, John L. Hunsaker, and Alworthy F. Leach.

Times and Seasons, Vol.2, p.372

Priests Jesse Spurgen, Abraham Hunsaker, John Harvey, William Barton, Thomas Seater, Israel Alphin, William Potter.

Times and Seasons, Vol.2, p.372

Teachers -- James Rollins, Francis Lee; and George Carson, Andrew Cunningham were Deacons.

Times and Seasons, Vol.2, p.372

Inquiry was made by the Conference how many Elders were willing to go from this Stake into the vineyard to preach the gospel, and eight volunteered. The church list was then read and there were 225 belonging to this Stake.

Times and Seasons, Vol.2, p.372

Resolved, that the Conference adjourned till tomorrow at 10 o'clock, A. M.

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