The Wives and Dates of Joseph Smith

Wife  Married  Officiating  Ref 
Emma Hale Jan 18 1827  Squire Tarbuck 
Fanny Alger 1835  Oliver Cowdery?  AJ 
Lucinda Pendleton Morgan Harris 1838?  AJ 
Louisa Beaman Apr 5 1841  Joseph B. Noble  AJ 
Zina Diantha Huntington Jacobs Oct 27 1841  Dimick B. Huntington  AJ 
Prescinda Lathrop Huntington Buell  Dec 11 1841  Dimick B. Huntington  AJ 
Sylvia Sessions  1841  AJ 
Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightner Feb 1842  Brigham Young  AJ 
Delcena Johnson Sherman  Spring1842  AJ 
10  Eliza Roxey Snow  Jun 29 1842  Brigham Young  AJ 
11  Sarah Anne Whitney  Jul 27 1842  Newel K. Whitney  AJ 
12  Ruth Vose Sayers  Aug 1842  AJ 
13  Desdemona Wadsworth Fullmer  1842  AJ 
14  Elvira A. Cowles  1842  AJ 
15  Sarah M. Kinsley Cleveland  1842  AJ 
16  Flora Ann Woodworth  Spring 1843  AJ 
17  Maria Lawrence Spring 1843  AJ 
18  Sarah Lawrance Spring 1843  AJ 
19  Emily Dow Partridge  Mar 4 1843  Heber C. Kimball  AJ 
20  Eliza M. Partridge  Mar 8 1843  Heber C. Kimball  AJ 
21  Almera Woodward Johnson  Apr3/4 1843  William Clayton  AJ 
22  Olive Grey Frost  Apr 12 1843  AJ 
23  Lucy Walker  May 2 1843  William Clayton  AJ 
24  Helen Mar Kimball  May 1843  Heber C. Kimball  AJ 
25  Hanna Ellis  Summer 1843  AJ 
26  Rhoda Richards (Smith)  Jun 12 1843  Willard Richards  AJ 
27  Melissa Lott Wiles  Sep 20 1843  Hyrum Smith  AJ 
D& C 132 Written  July 12 1843 Hyrum Smith & Wm. Clayton Probable
28  Fanny Young Murray  Nov 2 1843  Brigham Young  AJ 
29  Mary Hustin  1843/4?  OFW 
30  Sarah Scott  1843/4?  OFW 
31  Nancy Maria (Smith)  1843/4?  (Winchester?)  OFW 
32  Nancy Maria Winchester  1843/4?  OFW 
33  Nancy Marinda Johnson Hyde?  1839?  (SLC Jul 31 1857)  Probable *
34  Clarissa Reed Hancock?  1840?  (Family Tradition)  Probable 
35  Patty B. Sessions  Mar 9 1842  Willard Richards  Probable 
36  Mrs Durfee  Spring 1842  Probable 
37  Sally Ann Fuller Gatty?  Spring 1842  Probable 
38  Martha McBride  Summer 1842  Heber C. Kimball  Probable 
39  Sarah Kimball  Jul 7 1842  Newel K. Whitney  Probable 
40  Martha M. Kimball  1842  Heber C. Kimball  Probable 
41  Almira Barton  Spring 1843  Probable 
42  Margaret Moon  Apr 27 1843  Heber C. Kimball?  Probable 
43  Mary Ann Frost Pratt?  May + 1843?  (Nauvoo Feb 1846)  Probable 
44  Lucy Kimball  May 1 1843  William Clayton  Probable 
45  Catherine P. Smith  Aug 1843  Hyrum Smith  Probable 
46  Olive Andrews?  1843/4?  (Nauvoo Jan 1846)  Possible **
47  Elizabeth Davis?  1843/4?  (Nauvoo Jan 1846)  Possible 
48  Vienna Jacques?  1843/4?  (Geneal. Archives)  Possible 
49  Cordelia Calista Morley?  1843/4?  (Nauvoo Jan 1846)  Possible 
50  Jane Tibbets?  1843/4?  (Nauvoo Jan17 1846)  Possible 
51  Phebe Watroud?  1843/4?  (Nauvoo Jan19 1846)  Possible 
52  Sophia Woodman?  1843/4?  (Nauvoo Jan27 1846)  Possible 

AJ = Andrew Jenson / OFW = Orson F. Whitney

* Very probably married to Joseph but not in official listings

** Wives sealed to him in the temple after his death who may have also been married to him whilst he was alive - [This page is no longer at this same path]

Confirm from LDS church web site: (link works as of 1/16/2007)

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